6th Annual Harvest of Hope Gala
5:30 PM17:30

6th Annual Harvest of Hope Gala

This year for the 6th Annual Harvest of Hope Gala, we're excited to have Ryan Bomberger as our Keynote speaker.

Ryan Bomberger  International Public Speaker, Citizen Journalist, Factivist, and Co-founder of Raidiance Foundation

Ryan Bomberger
International Public Speaker, Citizen Journalist, Factivist, and Co-founder of Raidiance Foundation

Ryan Bomberger is an Emmy® Award-winning creative professional, international public speaker, citizen journalist, factivist, and author of the powerful book, Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong. He is also the co-founder of RadianceFoundation.org, a life-affirming organization based on the belief that every human life has purpose. Ryan has a rather unique perspective of the innate nature of purpose. He is one of ten children who were adopted and loved in a multi-racial family of fifteen. Today, as an adoptee and adoptive father, he enjoys boldly illuminating the intrinsic worth we all possess.

He and his wife, Bethany, founded The Radiance Foundation to extensively research and creatively present challenging social issues through ad campaigns, multimedia talks, fearless journalism, and compassionate community outreaches. From keynotes at renown locations like Harvard, Princeton, Columbia Law School, University of Notre Dame, Ireland’s Trinity College, March for Life DC, March for Life UK, Capitol Hill briefings, and hundreds more events here and abroad, Ryan is passionate about helping to build a culture that values Life in all of its stages.

Ticket sales are now closed.  If you are still interested in purchasing a ticket to the Gala please contact Chad Ronning at cronning@cornerstoneoptions.org, or call him at 612-250-1544, to check on availability.

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5th Annual Harvest of Hope Gala
4:00 PM16:00

5th Annual Harvest of Hope Gala

This year, we're excited to have David Bereit, former CEO of 40 Days for Life, author, and activist as our Keynote and Vaunae Hansel, President of TLC Options for Women.=

David Bereit
Pro-Life Speaker, Fundraiser & Activist
Author, Former CEO of 40 Days for Life

David became an outspoken pro-life advocate after Planned Parenthood announced plans to build an abortion clinic in his Texas town in 1998. He helped to start and build a local grassroots coalition that rallied 60 churches and thousands of people together and dramatically reduced abortions in the region. Planned Parenthood recognized the effectiveness of David’s efforts when it labeled his town “the most anti-choice place in the nation.” David led the ‑first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign in College Station, Texas. David moved to the Washington, D.C. area in 2005 where he served as executive director of American Life League and national director of Stop Planned Parenthood until being asked to lead the national 40 Days for Life campaign. His pro-life work has been featured in the media hundreds of times, including coverage on Fox News, HBO, ABC, NBC and CBS television stations, numerous radio programs, and in over 100 newspapers across the country including USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times.


Vaunae Hansel is the President of TLC Options for Women. Vaunae is a Mastery Certified Life Coach who has an extensive background in Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) work formerly serving as the Executive Director of Options for Women | East, an Affiliate of TLC on the east side of St. Paul. Vaunae has served as Executive Director at PRCs in Minnesota and on the West Coast since 1997. As part of the Women’s Resource Network she trained and consulted with PRC Boards and staff across California, Arizona and Nevada. She served as the Program Director for a grant from the Center For Disease Control which funded the creation of the Student Federation on Abstinence Education which met in Washington DC on a quarterly basis. Prior to becoming President of TLC she served on the Board of Directors for TLC Options for Women for 3 years and has been a key member of TLC’s Training Team for the past 6 years.  

Vaunae and her husband Jim for 42 years. They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren and live in New Hope, Minnesota.

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