Your response to her pregnancy will strongly influence your partner, so seriously consider the options. We are here to help with unconditional support and free services.  


  • Listen to her concerns, hopes, dreams. The situation now includes you, her, and the child you have conceived together. You need each other now more than ever.

  • Talk to her. Silence or a general statement such as “I will support whatever decision you make,” may say to her, “He wants me to abort.” We can help you find the words or mediate the conversation.

  • Enlist the support of trusted individuals, such as family and good friends. Your parents and friends want the best future for all of you. Let them know so they can help.

  • Get the facts. Popular media tells a different story than medical studies that show far more depression, suicide, substance abuse, and overall deaths for women after abortion. Get started by checking these links:

  • Let her know she can count on you and in what ways you will help. Being with her for appointments, ultrasounds, and counseling are simple yet powerful ways to show your care and concern.


  • Bail. You have supported friends in other situations; apply those principles here.

  • Rush the decision. Abortion is an irreversible decision that many women regret immediately or after years of denial (often when their next child is expected or born). Encourage her to explore all options and make her decision carefully.

  • Pressure. She may decide against her own morals and instincts to please you, but regrets and complications can kill your relationship and destroy her emotional, mental and physical health.

  • Forget you are her protector, the one she turns to for love and affirmation. Be there when she needs you and help her through each day’s challenges.