Unfortunately, for some women sexual activity may be forced upon them, not chosen. As many as 60% of males in a study of high school students found it acceptable to force sex on a girl in some circumstances. Forced sexual intercourse is rape. A summary of rape statistics can be found at this website: 

Don’t be a statistic:  protect yourself by utilizing the following strategies:



  • Have a charged cell phone and money for emergencies with you when you leave home.
  • Plan group activities in public places.
  • Tell someone the who, what, where, why, and when of your outing.
  • Know your boundaries and share them with your date up front;  find friends with similar standards so you can support and encourage one another.
  • Role play with a friend until you are comfortable describing your boundaries and saying “No!” and "Stop!"  to someone trying to violate them.
  • Keep your verbal and non verbal messages consistent.  Men may interpret your clothing, gestures, tone of voice, even your politeness or nervous smile, differently than you intend.  
  • Trust your instincts;  if you are uncomfortable, leave the situation.
  • Set up a code word and emergency ride home with parents and/or friends to be used if you feel threatened or uncomfortable.
  • Learn self defense:  when threatened go for eyes, kick, bite, make noise, run away if possible.
  •  Avoid/limit consumption of alcohol; half of all rapes include alcohol consumption.



  • Accept a drink or food that someone could have drugged; don’t leave food or drink unattended even to go to the restroom.
  • Go alone on a blind date or with someone you don’t know well,  go alone to secluded spots or a guy's place (or yours) or meet alone with an internet acquaintance. 
  • Think you owe physical or sexual favors because a guy helped you or spent money on you.
  • Let anyone violate any of your boundaries.
  • Give in to verbal manipulation or try to explain; say “No!” and leave if he doesn’t listen.
  • Get in a car with someone you are uncomfortable with.
  • Blame yourself if attacked.  It is not always possible to anticipate and ward off attacks.




Source: Modified from“Safe Dating Tips” in Just4Girls